Subscription? They Did it with Chicken!!

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If you need more proof that we're in a "Subscription Economy" you should check out KFC's Seasoned Tickets campaign.

The Subscription Economy ™ is a phrase coined by CEO of Zuora, Tien Tzuo to describe this new era of companies and business models and fully takes advantage of one of the three ways to increase the profits in your business quoted from business leader and top executive coach, Jay Abraham.

KFC has found a way to turn chicken into a subscription deal just like getting your monthly Amazon order.

Haven't seen the ad? Take a look here:

Of course, they sold out after only one day. (sound familiar? Like Popeye's chicken sandwich which sold out and... is still out).

The point is that getting customers to buy more often is one of the three ways to increase profits in any business. And what better way than through subscriptions? KFC and other corporations are thinking past traditional and saying, "Hey, why can't we do this?"

Direct response companies have been doing this for years. "we'll make sure that you never run out". Amazon uses this strategy and many other retail companies use this strategy as well.
But this is relatively new for the Fast Food industry. Showing that "if they could do it, why can't we? " even with subscriptions.

On the Zuora website, they explain the rise of consumer subscriptions in business as "In the old world (let’s call it the Product Economy) it was all about things. Acquiring new customers, shipping commodities, billing for one-time transactions. But in this new era, it’s all about relationships. More and more customers are becoming subscribers because subscription experiences built around services meet consumers’ needs better than the static offerings or a single product."

So what does that mean for your company? Could this be a new opportunity to explore a proven way to increase your business sales and retain customers? The big corporations are using a consumer-focused approach to grow their business, and you can too.

Imagine if you used the same technique to three times the customers you presently have. You'd grow your business by a cool three hundred percent!

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