How to Increase Your Business Sales in 3 Simple Steps

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Many people don't know this about my company IYBS Local. The "IYBS" actually stands for "Increase Your Business Sales". When I first started in the Online Marketing Space, like other new marketers, I wanted a name that I thought other business owners would type in to find me,and walla! I'd be swarming with fresh, new prospects.

What actually happened? The name was long and cumbersome and I discovered that other marketers would be the only people typing that name in search engines. So I shortened the name to IYBS and added the word "Local" to it. Now people think I am a union organization (like the local AFCW21), not a digital marketing agency.

Well, 9 years later, I've learned a whole lot more about online marketing and I thought it would be a great idea to share some basic, not-to-overwhelming information with other business owners who are looking for tips and strategies that could help grow their business.

To start, let me share something I learned way back when I was still a little green. This bit of information I learned from Jay Abraham and has stuck with me and continues to be true even to this day.

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There are 3 simple steps to increasing the profits in your business. I've found that these simple strategies, when implemented, work for any kind of business, anywhere.

1. Get More Traffic to your door. This can translate to get more traffic to your website or to your brick and mortar store. and any kind of business can adapt this practice as their own. Of course, many business owners find this to be easier said than done, but it is one of the best ways to increase your business sales.

2. Get your customers to Buy More at the time of sale. Quite simply, up-selling, cross selling, and the "adding fries with that shake" sort of thing. Like going to the grocery store for one thing and coming out with a basket full.

3. Get your customers to Buy More Often. Examples of this include "of the Month" clubs, "autoship"products, or offering coupons that discount on the next visit or any promotion that gets your customers to visit your business or make a purchase more often throughout the year.

Implementing any one of these 3 strategies can increase your business sales. Your job is to find those hidden gems within your own business and implement them. If you feel you may need a little help, you can get a free 15 min session that may shed a little light on what to do next.

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